1975 Commencing Witrochem Company
In 1975, when Ryszard Włodarczak started his business from everyday use plastic goods, he did not expect that ‘Witrochem Sp. z o.o.’ would soon become a popular producer of bathroom accessories.

1991 The New Seat
As a result of dynamic development and great interest in products of Witrochem Sp. z o.o., at the beginning of 1990’s the company relocated to a new, larger seat in Skórzewo. That was the time when the company started production of metal bathroom accessories, widening its range with new collections every year.

1994 Starting Electroplating Facility
Years 1994 to 2003 brought further prosperity of the company. Market and customers needs encouraged the owner to widen its business by starting own electroplating facility working on the basis of the most up-to-date electroplating technologies.

2003 The Implementation of Integrated Quality Management System
In 2003 it was decided to implement Integrated Quality Management System:

The implementation of Integrated Quality Management System results in further growth of customers trust in goods and services offered by Witrochem Sp. z o.o.

2008 Starting New Electroplating Facility
In 2006 an investment of starting new electroplating facility was made, thanks to which we can guarantee: complete supervision over a process, complete archiving of production process data, current analysis of results, and complete identification of production.

2008 Transformation into Limited Liability Company
In 2008 the company transformed into limited liability company with initial capital of PLN8,755,000.

2010 Change of Machinery Stock
In 2010 the company purchased new Krauss Maffei injection moulding machines of squeeze power from 25 to 500 tonnes.

2011 Starting Own Laboratory
Thanks to well-equipped and innovative laboratory we are able to conduct tests such as: internal stresses occurrence test, coating thickness measurement, measurement of electrochemical potentials differences ‘STEP’, adhesion and thermal tests.